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MTV launches 'Virtual Hills' based on platform

MTV Networks on Monday announced the launch of Virtual Hills, a new custom virtual world created using the platform, and which is based on the network's hit show, The Hills. And in an interesting twist, fans of another hit MTV show and its virtual counterpart can teleport right in.

This is MTV's second go-round with There. Last year, the network and the virtual world creator teamed up on Virtual Laguna Beach, a digital, 3D environment based on Laguna Beach, another of the network's shows.

One thing that's noteworthy about the launch of Virtual Hills is that users can teleport between it and Virtual Laguna Beach.

The Hills is a show about the glitz and glamour of the Los Angeles scene, and Virtual Hills brings that storyline to an immersive, participatory virtual world. As with Virtual Laguna Beach, The Hills cast members will appear in-world to help guide users' experience.