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Move the main course with ease

Getting the turkey from pan to platter can be an ordeal, but the Meat Lifters and Roasting Spoons can make the process much easier.

The Meat Lifter & Roasting Spoon Solutions

It can be pretty hard to get a turkey or a roast out of the pan and onto the cutting board. I've tried all sorts of combinations of tongs, forks, and bare hands--and I've had plenty near misses, where dinner almost wound up on the floor. I think I've finally found a solution, though: the Meat Lifters and Roasting Spoons. The Meat Lifters resemble pitchforks; they have widely set tines that are perfect for supporting the weight of a turkey while you transport it.

And the Meat Lifters aren't just a one-purpose gadget. They come with a set of protective nylon sheaths that slide over the tines and transform these tools into Roasting Spoons. They become spoons so wide they almost qualify as shovels. They will help you scoop up vegetables, juices and the other tidbits left in your roasting pan after you remove the main course. The spoons protect the bottom of your pan, as well, allowing you to scrape up the leftovers without scratching. The molded handles are designed to protect your hands from the hot food.

Each set includes two Meat Lifters and two slip-on scoops and are priced at $29.95.