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Mountain Lion mauling battery life, MacBook users complain

Apple is reportedly investigation complaints that its latest Mac software, OS X Mountain Lion, is beating up batteries.

Apple is looking into complaints that its new OS X Mountain Lion software is maiming MacBook battery life, Macworld reports.

In a 32-page thread on Apple's support forum, Mac owners are complaining that the latest version of the company's operating system leaves their pricey laptops with rubbish battery life, with some customers saying that they can visibly see battery draining having installed the feline-flavoured operating system.

Late last week, however, several forum members wrote that Apple had been in touch asking questions about how they were using their computers, and offering a piece of software that harvests relevant information.

A poll on Engadget that asks whether Mac users found their battery crumbling after installing Mountain Lion sees nearly 18 per cent of respondents saying they 'noticed a huge difference right away'.

No clear cause appears to have been discerned yet, with some commenters writing the issues have evaporated, while some say battery life has been cut in half. Some say downgrading to Lion has brought battery life back to its earlier levels, though Apple has now removed Lion from the Mac App Store.

Software glitches in the wake of a major update aren't unusual, and as Forbes notes, the upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion similarly had a great many customers complaining about suddenly shonky battery performance.

Mountain Lion adds new goodies like a spangly notification centre and baked-in social network jollies. We're big fans of its new features, awarding it the full five stars in our in-depth review. The new software chewed through 3 million downloads in four days, which is impressive, though means there are potentially a huge number of folks out there experiencing battery wobbles.

Word that Apple is looking into any issues is certainly a positive sign, though any Mac owners who are experiencing a decline in battery life will be eagerly awaiting an update from Apple. I'll let you know if I hear anything -- in the meantime let me know whether you've had any battery problems in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.