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Motorola Xoom 2 hinted at in website gaffe, along with new phones

A slip-up on Motorola's website hints at several rumoured devices, including the Xoom 2 tablet and several phones. Oh, and a watch phone.

Motorola may soon be launching the Xoom 2 Android tablet and a few other devices, if a brief hiccup on its website is any indication.

It seems that someone on the US company's Web team accidentally (on purpose?) put up some product images during a redesign of its site.

The site appeared to show the successor to Moto's popular Xoom tablet, unsurprisingly called the Xoom 2. It also displayed the 'Tracy XL' -- not a reference to ample Essex women but some kind of watch phone, worryingly coming back into fashion. Plus there's the rumoured phones called the Slimline, Zaha and LTE-based Targa, which would only be of use in the States. None have specifications, but we've been hoping to see them this summer.

The update was spotted by eagle-eyed mobile news site PocketNow who posted some screen grabs. It's quite hard to make out the details as the image is small and pixellated, but the words 'Xoom 2' are pointed out by the arrow in our image above. Intriguingly, Motorola Mobility asked the site to remove the images, but not before Engadget and others picked them up.

You'd never catch Apple doing something like that. Its Web store is firmly closed during site updates -- we just watch out for prototype handsets left in bars instead.

Motorola is undergoing something of an Android-powered resurgence of late, offering up cheap and cheerful handsets such as the Gleam and the accessory-overloaded Atrix. You'd be forgiven for thinking the company deliberately put on the show and then demanded a retraction in order to generate some publicity. It's definitely working.

Is this something to get excited about? Was it a deliberate slip? Will Motorola fix some of the Xoom's problems and deliver a stunning Xoom 2? Anyone got access to Moto's Web designers?

Image credit: PocketNow via Engadget