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Motorola Razr Android phone delayed

The new Android-based Motorola Razr has been delayed, but potentially only by a week. Read on for all the cutting-edge info.

The Motorola Razr has been delayed, but hopefully only by a week. Online tech retailer Clove had listed the Razr as coming out on 1 November, but now the product page on its site reads, "First stock delayed until week commencing 7 November."

That note is written in all caps on Clove's site, but we took those out so as not to alarm you.

On its blog the shop says, "This is just a quick message to say that the first stock of the Motorola Razr that was due to arrive tomorrow has been delayed until next week, week commencing the 7th November.

"The delay is quite common with new devices," Clove says, "but we would have liked it if it had arrived as originally planned."

So would we! But I suppose we can wait a little longer for the Razr -- to be honest, while its astonishingly slim frame and massive 4.3-inch display impressed us in our hands-on test, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the phone we're really looking forward to.

That's because it's going to be the first phone running Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, the very latest version of Google's robot-fuelled OS. The Razr by contrast won't be getting the newest edition of Android until 2012. Boo.

In any case, Amazon currently lists the Razr with an 11 November release date, priced at £475 SIM-free. Clove's listing is a shade cheaper at just under £455.

Are you gnashing your gnashers waiting for the Razr? Or could you not give a fig about Motorola's latest effort? Fire your opinions out of your mind-cannons and into the comments below, or on to our Facebook wall.