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Tech Industry

Mostly sunny earnings day

Adobe says its results may beat the analysts' expectations, while Sun continues the trend of strong numbers from bellwether companies.

Adobe says its results may beat the Steet's expectations, while Sun continues Wednesday's trend of strong numbers from bellwether companies. And Excite reports its first profit, excluding charges.

Adobe may beat Street
The graphics and desktop publishing software maker announces that results for its fourth-quarter may exceed analysts' expectations.

Sun tops Street's estimates
The firm reports slightly better-than-expected first-quarter profits, besting analysts' predictions by a penny.

Excite trounces expectations
Excluding acquisition-related costs, the Net portal posts a profit of $1.3 million, its first quarter in the black.

Schwab's stocky quarter
The on- and offline brokerage firm reports better-than-expected third-quarter earnings and doubles its number of online accounts.

Symantec beats Street, gets Quarterdeck
The PC tools and antivirus software maker tops analysts' earnings estimates and acquires the performance software maker.

Spotlight on tech earnings
roundup Bellwether high-tech companies sound off, with Apple's profit and strong iMac sales leading the way.