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More leaks on the new Dell Studio line

New details on the Dell Studio line of laptops.

Some of the cool looks your new Dell Studio laptop could sport. Engadget

When will our pals at Dell learn that pretty much every new product of theirs is going to leak? If it's not FCC filings or foreign subsidiary sales materials, then it's CEOs wandering around with prototype products in their hands.

We've got some more details on the new Studio line of laptops from Dell,courtesy of the guys at Engadget. The Studio line is apparently aimed at mid-high-end consumers, sitting between the Inspiron and XPS lines. An internal description says:

"The Studio line is a more feature rich version of the existing Inspiron line. This series of computers features more multimedia functionality, better processor offerings, and more personalization options than the Inspiron series. Dell continues to sell Inspiron systems, but these are now considered our value series computers for customers who prioritize cost above features."

Personalization will also be a big push, with a variety of solid colors and pattern designs available. Called "Pictaflex," you can see a few pattern options in the image here.