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Mobile by Sainsbury's is a new Nectar point-packed network

Sainsbury's is launching a phone network this summer, named Mobile by Sainsbury's, and it's ready to dole out Nectar points.

Here's an unexpected item in the bagging area: Sainsbury's is launching its own mobile phone network this summer, called Mobile by Sainsbury's.

Not Sainsbury's Mobile, which is what everyone will call it, but Mobile by Sainsbury's. The supermarket chain promises "great quality value-for-money mobile products" and "attractive offers".

Sainsbury's Mobile -- sorry, Mobile by Sainsbury's -- is an MVNO, which means it's the front face of a network that uses the masts of an existing phone company. In this case it's Vodafone that provides the infrastructure carrying Sainsbury's signals.

Sainsbury's is looking to challenge rival supermarket Tesco and its budget-friendly Tesco Mobile network, which runs on O2's infrastructure. Tesco Mobile is currently running an advertising campaign that directly addresses people's perception of the network as a cut-price option, with ads featuring comedians such as Ronnie Corbett, Gina Yashere and Ed Byrne.

Where Tesco Mobile gives you Clubcard points when you buy credit on your blower, Sainsbury's Mobile nets you Nectar points.

Mobile by Sainsbury's launches later this summer, with no specific date yet announced.

Are the folks at Sainsbury's off their trolley, or are you tempted to try the new network? Have you tried Tesco Mobile, and is it any cop? Do extras like Nectar points or Orange Wednesdays affect your decision when choosing a network, or is value for money most important? Check out your thoughts in the comments, or if you have five items or less head for our self-service Facebook page.