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Mighty Mouse welcomed with open arms

Well, it was bound to happen. Apple announced Tuesday that it will sell a mouse with two-button functionality, and it has been widely praised by those quick enough to get to their local Apple stores before the new mice sold out. In the blogosphere, people are mainly happy just to see years of bickering over mouse configurations come to an end.

Mighty Mouse

The general buzz online has been a resounding cry: "Finally!" Mac and Windows users alike can appreciate the simple, elegant design that has become so characteristic of the company's products. And given that many people--be they Apple purists or non-tech-oriented users--still favor the old-fashioned, one-button mouse, Apple made the move in about the best possible way, by adding two-button functionality while preserving the ability to use Mighty Mouse in a one-button configuration. Many bloggers like the versatile mouse so much that they are hoping Apple will now make its new creation standard issue in future Macs.

But not all early reviewers are singing the new gadget's praises. Early reports say the side "squeezy" buttons on the mouse are awkward and leave much to be desired. And Jeff Jarvis speaks for many in his Buzzmachine blog, where he dared to ask what is probably the biggest question mark surrounding Apple's "breakthrough" device.

Blog community response:

"Why the hell didn't Apple make a Bluetooth version of its Mighty Mouse?"

"To bring us back to the old HCI argument, Mac users are now debating whether Apple should be shipping these with new systems. One-button proponents are very concerned for their users and family members becoming just as confused now while using the Mac as they are on the PC with too many button choices and too many unexpected things happening on the screen. Multibutton proponents think that, unless Apple packages it with new systems, this whole move is essentially meaningless to the gangs of geeks who are already addicted to very sophisticated multibutton mice, and that Apple is merely attempting to steal business away from companies who already sell multibutton mice independent of computer systems."
--Ars Technica

"Unfortunately, it's weak compared to other mouse products offered by more experienced companies like Logitech and -- egh -- Microsoft. If you're looking for a very simple, very straight-forward mouse with complete OS X integration and Apple's unique look and feel, then the Mighty Mouse is for you. But if you want more adept functionality and a more familiar mouse style, then I'd have to recommend you stick with a standard multi-button mouse, like Microsoft's IntelliMouse or Logitech's MX series mice."
--Mac teens

"Since it's mandatory for every article about Apple to include a discussion about the company’s chances for survival, here's mine: Can Apple survive in a world where it's shipping multi-button mice to paying customers? Let's go easy here. First off, this is a $50 add-on product right now. Although like the Apple Pro Mouse before it, I would imagine this new mouse will worm its way into boxes containing new Macs eventually. And presumably Apple will one day offer a Bluetooth version of the mouse. The more important question is, can we survive? Let me check. Sky's still blue. Breathe in and out — still oxygen in the atmosphere. If you drop the mouse, it falls to the ground, so laws of gravity are still in effect. Well, how about that. Apple released a multi-button mouse and the world didn't end. Guess all those pundits were wrong, after all."

"They've been adamantly one button mouse for years, forcing people with applications that use a right mouse click to make do without. Now suddenly they come out with a pretty redesign of a mouse that has been available for over 5 years, and Apple makes it sounds like they are the innovative ones."
--There is no Dana, only Zuul