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Microsoft's Argo sails into iPod waters

Is the Argo Microsoft's new iPod killer?

The Seattle Times that Argo, the name of the ship sailed by mythological hero Jason, is the code name for a new digital music player being developed by the company's Xbox division. Now blog Engadget has what it claims are pictures of the device.


According to the reports, the Argo will be Wi-Fi-enabled. The newspaper reported that there are several other devices under development, including a media player, and an online media service.

Blog community response:

"Is the Microsoft Argo portable media player ready for the war? We hope for something bigger."

"Microsoft would be inherently wary of competing directly with partners who use its software in portable music and video players. However, it's perfectly normal for games console companies to produce related portable devices, and an Xbox-branded device probably wouldn't create problems, even if it didn't play games."
--Guardian Technology blog

"Whether or not Microsoft should attempt at competing with Apple isn't the question; the real question is, will we have to deal with the 'Blue Screen of Death' when we try to use these players? Hopefully not, and any war with the iPod deserves a big bag of popcorn and a front row seat."