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Microsoft Windows 'fowl' play

Remember the Chevy Nova? Neither do I.

But many people do recall the humorous story of Chevrolet inadvertently naming its car "doesn't go" in Spanish. Well, it turns out that Microsoft has made a similar blunder with Windows Vista.

"Vista," in Latvian means "fowl." Yes, that's right. People are awaiting the release of Windows "Chicken." The word "vista" is also used as a slang term meaning "frumpy," when referring to a dumpy woman, according to a story from Agence France-Presse.

Only about 1.3 million of Latvia's 2.3 million population actually speak Latvian; the rest speak Russian. That's hardly a dent in Microsoft's market share. And those who do speak the language, are apparently finding the name quite humorous, according to the story.