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Microsoft reportedly set on Vista options

Although Microsoft has supposedly added all of the features to Windows Vista that it plans to include, the company has yet to say which features will appear in which versions, or even just what versions there will be.

Such packaging decisions are typically kept close to the vest by Redmond, but enthusiast site Neowin claims that the company has made up its mind when it comes to Vista.

According to the site, Vista will come in the following flavors: Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Business N, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Basic N, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Small Business and Windows Vista Ultimate.

That would be pretty consistent with the placeholder names that Microsoft included with early test versions of Vista, with the "N" monikers corresponding to the European Union-mandated versions that exclude Windows Media Player. It's also jibes with Windows Chief Jim Allchin's comments that Vista won't have a separate Tablet PC or Media Center edition, as was the case with XP.

A Microsoft representative, meanwhile, said Monday that the company does not comment on rumors and speculation.

In other rumors and speculation that the company won't comment on, Neowin also reports that Microsoft plans to announce on Thursday the different combinations for Office 12, as well as its official moniker (widely expected to be Office 2007).