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'Micro Orb': A spy cam the size of a golf ball

The mind reels at its possible uses.

BrickHouse Security

Competition is fierce on the golf course even for amateur duffers, and some will go to practically any lengths to acquire the slightest advantage. And now there's a gadget that can give you a covert peek into your opponent's practice sessions if you can sneak it into his bag.

BrickHouse Security--the crazy outfit that's responsible for such gizmos as the "GPS Mail Logger"--has done it again with the "Micro Orb Spy Camera," a device that it says is the same size as a golf ball. This surveilling sphere records audio as well as video, so you can delight in all the expletives that will accompany every shank.

It records up to six hours of video at a time at 30 frames per second, but its battery lasts for only three hours at a time so plan accordingly. The incriminating evidence can be transferred with a 2GB microSD card. If you don't golf, BrickHouse offers some alternative uses--as a helmet mount, nanny-cam, and our personal favorite, a mannequin eyeball.

(Thanks for the tip, Bob)