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Meet Skippy the stone-throwing robot

Longing for the simple pleasures of a lazy summer day? Up in Sun Valley, Idaho, a cheerful stone-skipping robot awaits your remote commands.

The next best thing to being there? Skip a stone on a mountain lake, controlling the angle and power of Skippy the stone-throwing robot. Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

Robots are getting mighty specific these days -- what with machines that specialize in tasks like playing hockey and winning at rock, paper, scissors.

Meet today's super-specific robot, Skippy, who skips stones -- and with impressive height and consistency. Based on the shores of a lake in Sun Valley, Idaho, Skippy's sole purpose is basking in the sunshine and flinging stones across an idyllic little body of water set against the mountains. Ah, the simple life.

Skippy, however, is not just out for its own stone-skipping pleasure. It also lets we city folk skip stones remotely from a computer and watch the video in real time -- potentially a welcome distraction for those hunched in a cubicle right now. Skippy's aptly named online home,, is even keeping a tally of "high skippers."

The robot's built to "let people far and wide skip stones to their heart's delight," the promotional video says of Skippy (and, of course, to boost tourism to Sun Valley).

(Via Technabob)