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McCracken gets cranking on Federated Media's Technologizer

Former PC World magazine editor Harry McCracken plans to launch the tech news site later this summer in conjunction with John Battelle's advertising start-up.

A month after announcing his resignation from PC World magazine, tech journalism veteran Harry McCracken has announced a new venture: Technologizer, an online destination for general technology news and analysis.

John Battelle, founder, Federated Media Publishing Courtesy of John Battelle

The new site will be launched later this summer in conjunction with advertising start-up Federated Media Publishing; founder John Battelle is himself a veteran of the tech press, having co-founded Wired magazine and founded The Industry Standard in the 1990s.

Federated will also work to develop the site, in addition to providing ads, much as it did for Boing Boing Gadgets and Webb Alert. Technologizer will join the company's "Tech Federation" division alongside blog powerhouses such as TechCrunch and GigaOM.