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McClatchy Digital: Carolina bound

Another piece of the defunct Knight-Ridder media empire is disappearing. McClatchy Co. ended up with some of the Knight-Ridder newspapers plus Knight Ridder Digital. Now they're closing down the offices in San Jose, Calif., where 200 employees once worked. Since the McClatchy purchase, 140 workers have stayed.

Now McClatchy is opening about 75 jobs at their digital headquarters in Raleigh, NC. Do they expect folks to move from California for those jobs?

I guess not. According to this newspaper account: "It doesn't look like we're going to get a heck of a lot of folks to come from San Jose," said Fraser Van Asch, executive vice president and general manager of McClatchy Interactive. "They feel like they're living in paradise, and it's hard to get them to move this way...The first thing they think of is the humidity."

Watch for those jobs to be listed soon on Craigslist.