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Mayan apocalypse fails, according to Australia

Sorry to disappoint you, but it appears the world is still spinning even though Australia and New Zealand are already well into December 21.

Clock with flames
An Australian Redditor survives the nonexistent apocalypse. sasquatch92

The reports are rolling in on Reddit. Australia and New Zealand have successfully crossed over into December 21 without the world ending. This news should make NASA happy.

Redditor sasquatch92 posted an image of a clock hitting 12:00 while flames licked around the casing. This is especially strange since we all know that Sasquatches are afraid of fire. Still, it does offer some slight bit of photographic evidence that the world hasn't abruptly ended as so many Mayan calendar fans have predicted.

New Zealand Redditor crashandtheboys did notice that it was a bit windy, but that's as close as we've gotten to a report of any apocalypse-like conditions in the Southern Hemisphere.

Many Redditors are still on guard against the apocalypse, however, citing disaster movie conventions that require world-ending activities to begin in the United States. That means there's still time to revisit our list of the best apocalypse gear around and get ready for the End Times in style.