Mars Curiosity rover vs. Ford pickup truck: Who wins?

The Mars Curiosity rover is a serious piece of equipment. Get a handle on its capabilities with a head-to-head comparison with a big American pickup truck.

Raptor truck and Mars Rover
One of these vehicles costs slightly more than the other. Ford

If you have even the slightest interest in space exploration, you know the Mars Curiosity rover has successfully touched down on the Red Planet.

Watching online videos doesn't do the mighty space explorer justice. To put it in perspective, Ford put together an infographic comparing the Rover with a 2013 F-150 SVT Raptor.

Let's just say the truck wouldn't stand a chance in the harsh conditions of Mars, but the Ford does have certain advantages. At $43,970, the Raptor is kind of expensive, but the Rover Curiosity mission has racked up a $2.5 billion bill. That's equivalent to 56,857 of the fancy trucks.

It took the Rover more than eight months to get to its destination. Assuming you could bend the laws of physics and reality, it would take the Raptor 375 years at 100 mph to reach the same location.

The Rover wins on wheels as well. The Ford has just four 17-inch wheels. The Rover sports six 20-inch metal cleat tread wheels designed to take on the rough terrain on Mars.

If you need to haul groceries, building materials, Great Danes, and people, then the Ford wins hands down. It sports a 1,020-pound payload compared with the Mars rover's 88 pounds.

So what have we learned here? If you only have $50,000 to spend and you actually want a vehicle you can use on Earth, then the Ford Raptor is a viable option. If you have $2.5 billion to spend and you want to be the coolest person in the solar system, then get yourself a rover.

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