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Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker knows what you want

The Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker draws from four reservoir tanks to produce up to 48 different drinks.

Spin the wheel and find out what you want to drink.
Spin the wheel and find out what you want to drink. Margaritaville

Out of all the adult beverages that are available to make, purchase or order, most people have a favorite. Ah, but people also like to try new things. Considering the abundance of beverages that are out there, it can become a never-ending quest to find an alternative to a favorite. Best to leave these things up to the pros.

Like a well-seasoned bartender that understands people and their drinks, the Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker looks to give drinkers what they want -- whether they know it or not. The automatic drink maker consists of four separate vessels that dispense booze and mixers in proportions according to what was selected from the big, beckoning dial. For those that would rather play a game of chance, the party machine can select for them via the I Feel Lucky button.

Each of the four reservoir tanks corresponds to a particular ingredient. One is reserved for alcohol (rum, vodka, or tequila) and the others are for mixers (cranberry juice, orange juice, and sour mix). The machine knows 48 different drink recipes and dispenses them in 8-ounce increments. Additionally, there is an option to make stronger drinks, with the gadget adding an extra ounce of booze and reducing the mixers accordingly. Just fill a glass with ice cubes, spin the dial, and see what can happen; you might even find out the machine knows what you want before you do.