Make waves with this DIY lamp

Impress your friends by turning on your lamp with the wave of your hand. Find out how here.

Luminch One
Photo by Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

Move over Clapper. There's a new way to control your lights, and it's way cooler (not to mention quieter).

The Luminch One is an interactive lamp that you can turn on and off simply by waving your hand. Created by Francisco Castro, the lamp features an Arduino (an open-source electronics platform) connected to infrared distance sensors that track your hand.

Waving your hand above the Luminch One will turn it on or off, while hovering your palm over the lamp and then moving it up and down will adjust the brightness of the bulb.

You can impress your friends with this magical lamp by making your own Luminch One. Castro has posted a full set of instructions on Make's Web site, and the project should take five to six hours.

Luminch One from Francisco Castro on Vimeo.

(Via Engadget)