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Make a meme yummy with 'Star Trek' facepalm cookies

Captain Picard's famous exasperated gesture from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" gets a sweet tribute.


Picard's bad day makes for a tasty snack.


When Captain Picard is having such a rough day aboard the USS Enterprise that it triggers a facepalm, fans know that something horrible is about to happen in an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation." 

It could be Q popping up to cause mischief, or perhaps Deanna Troi's mother is hitting on the captain, or that darn warp drive is acting up again.

When a frustrated Picard did his first facepalm maneuver, it became one of the most famous memes in geek history -- spawning its own Captain Picard Facepalm Meme Generator.

But more importantly, the facepalm meme inspired its own cookie cutter design by Warpzone Prints.

Food blogger JustJenn took it one step further and offered tips on make these Picard Facepalm Cookies with the perfect embellishments.

Jenn is no stranger to creating geektastic edibles. She has paid tribute to the Millennium Falcon in Jell-O. She's baked and decorated Admiral Ackbar cupcakes and, more recently, "Guardians of the Galaxy" Groot cookies.

In her recipe, JustJenn suggests making basic vanilla sugar cookies and letting them cool. Instead of using colored frosting, she hand-paints the cookies using red and black food gel dye.

"It's easier than it sounds," JustJenn wrote on her blog. "Since there are no intricate details on this cookie, just using food gel dye as paint is a quick and easy way to get colorful cookies."

Here's how: "In a small glass bowl put a few drops of red food gel dye mixed with just a touch of water," JustJenn wrote. "Using a clean, food-safe paintbrush, color in the bottom portion of Picard's shirt. In another small glass bowl put a few drops of black food gel dye mixed with a bit of water and paint the top half of the uniform black. Let the cookies dry for a few minutes, then serve."

Don't forget to pick up the Captain Picard Facepalm Cookie Cutter here.