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Maclocks makes first Retina MacBook locking mechanism

Without an available Kensington lock slot, Apple's new MacBook Pro requires other approaches to physical security.

Lock system manufacturer Maclocks has developed and released the first locking mechanism for the new MacBook with Retina Display, which offers a unique approach to securing the new systems since Apple didn't include a standard Kensington lock port.

Since laptops are portable they're easily stolen, and if you leave your MacBook unattended in a relatively busy place, you chance someone coming along and snatching it. Even if you have special LoJack software or Apple's Find My Mac feature enabled, it's better to prevent a system from being swiped in the first place.

Maclocks' new MacBook Pro locking system
The new lock system uses a polymer base plate that attaches to the MacBook Pro.

If you don't want to keep it with you at all times, you can try physically locking the computer down, which for previous MacBook systems could be done using the Kensington security slot located on the side of the system. This small slot could take a number of cable lock devices that secure the system to a desk or other large object to not only prevent it from being moved but also prevent people from opening the case using Apple's built-in latch systems.

While the standardized Kensington lock port has been commonly included in MacBook systems, Apple left it out of some of its newer systems, including its MacBook Pro with Retina Display. While there may be a design or engineering reason for this, unfortunately it prevents the use of many locking devices that might be used to ward off attempts to steal this relatively attractive and expensive system.

Hence, Maclocks has apparently worked alongside Apple to create a locking mechanism for the new MacBook Pro. The system involves a durable polymer plate that you attach to the bottom of your MacBook system, and this plate then provides the necessary Kingston lock port. In addition to the bottom plate, the lock also has a top cover that can keep your system from being opened, and thereby doubles as a protective case for the system.

Maclocks is selling the new security system at a preorder price of $69.95.

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