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Macintosh Daily Journal publication suspended

Macintosh Daily Journal publication suspended

I received the following note today from Matt Deatherage, Publisher of the excellent MDJ:

"While we've been preparing this week's Mac OS 8 issues, we've also been fighting a battle that's more or less completely unrelated to MDJ. We are unhappy to report that we have temporarily lost this battle, and as a result, GCSF, Inc. has lost all access to all computer systems, in this or any other location. This leaves us unable to continue publication of MDJ, or even to respond to your E-mail queries.

We wish to stress that this is *not* a financial problem; MDJ has been growing steadily thanks to the good words of people just like you. We are financially capable and quite willing to continue publication, and we will continue the battle to resume business operations, but for the present we have received an order and we must comply with it. We are pursuing all avenues open to us to resolve this issue as quickly as possible, but cannot discuss the situation further.

We hope to resume publication just as soon as possible, but we cannot in good conscience predict a date for this."