London Olympics could bork the Internet, government warns

The Cabinet Office has said Internet services could be significantly slower during this summer's sporting festivities.

The 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics could see the Internet significantly slowed, or even brought down completely, the Government has warned.

In a document written for businesses called 'Preparing your business for the games', the Cabinet Office has said Internet services could be slower during the sporting festivities.

"In very severe cases there may be drop outs due to an increased number of people accessing the Internet."

The document also notes that Internet service providers (ISPs) could introduce data caps at peak times to try and keep things under control as millions flood into the nation's capital to witness the world's finest athletes compete for glory, and locals have a whinge on Twitter about the Jubilee line being too crowded.

Those potential data caps haven't been confirmed though. Hopefully we'll hear closer to the time what companies such as BT plan on doing to keep the Internet alive during the games.

The document also says mobile networks may be slowed down as well -- that chimes with the words of Mayor Boris Johnson, who said in September that the games will place "maximum strain" on mobile networks, with 80 million people expected to be using phones during games.

Stress testing started on the Olympic computer system over a year ago -- here's hoping our network and Internet providers can get their act together too, and keep us online for the duration.

The Olympics itself has some rather cool tech powering it, while competitive tweeting is expected to be the sport of choice for the armchair athlete. We've even heard rumours of Google Wallet arriving in the UK in time for the games.

Are you looking forward to the Olympic and Paralympic games? Do you think our tech infrastructure will handle the influx of visitors? Get predictin' in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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