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Logitech's diNovo Mini takes the keyboard off the coffee table

Logitech announces the diNovo Mini

Among the many issues slowing down wider adoption of home theater PCs, the clunky input devices have been particularly troublesome. No more. Logitech's diNovo Mini, announced this afternoon, solves the problem with elegance and simplicity.

Logitech's well-designed diNovo Mini keyboard CNET

The BlackBerry-style keyboard is easy to type on and has all the keys you'll need, the touch pad works well in both analog (for mousing) and digital (for navigating menus) modes, and it even works with your PS3--although not your Mac or, more strangely, your Xbox 360. Fold down the clamshell top, and the diNovo Mini becomes somehow both stylish and unobtrusive, making it at home in any living room.

We were able to play with a diNovo Mini in the month leading up to CES, and we liked it so much that we awarded it an Editors' Choice. You can read our full review here. The $150 price tag is a bit prohibitive (and Logitech's recommended prices generally come way down at retail), but if you're serious about seamlessly integrating a computer in your living room, we think you'll want a diNovo Mini when it hits stores at the end of February.