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Logitech updates Alto notebook stand

Logitech has updated its Alto notebook stand with a wireless keyboard.

Logitech Alto
The Alto notebook stand now has a wireless keyboard. Logitech

When we reviewed the Logitech Alto earlier this year, we loved its design, which combined a notebook riser, keyboard, and three high-speed USB ports into a single workstation that could fold up when not in use. But we didn't like how the all-in-one design kept the keyboard at a fixed distance from the display--not ideal from an ergonomic standpoint. Clearly, the company took our feedback seriously, because today they've announced the Alto Cordless Notebook Stand. As the name implies, this new version of the product features a detachable keyboard that lets you vary the distance from the keyboard to your laptop's display. Aside from this ergonomic innovation, the $99 Alto Cordless Notebook Stand is nearly identical to its predecessor.

We do still wish that Logitech could come up with a way for the Alto to prop up a laptop without blocking the ports along its front edge (admittedly an issue for only a portion of laptop users). But we welcome the addition of wireless, which should make using this unique product just a little more comfortable. Look for it to start shipping in September.