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Logitech iPhone game controller leaked

Logitech's game controller for the new iPhone has been leaked in a photo on Twitter.

Logitech's game controller for the new iPhone has been leaked in a photo on Twitter.

(Credit: Evleaks)

The built-in controller support for iOS 7 means that a number of third parties currently have peripherals in the works. We're pretty interested in these gadgets, although we have tried a few third-party controllers for both iOS and Android, and they usually require special software support to make the game compatible, so we're keen to see how smooth built-in support will actually be.

And, of course, how ergonomic the devices will be — they'll be no good if they're not comfortable to hold and use, no matter how well integrated they are.

Logitech, it seems, has taken its design cues from the iCade Mobile if an image uncovered by Evleaks is the real deal. Unlike the Moga controllers for Android, which have a special adjustable mount to cope with varying phone sizes, it wraps around the iPhone like a case, with D-pad on the left and buttons on the right.

This layout is in keeping with the rather strangely-designed GameCase (the first controller announced with MFi support) — unsurprising, since it's pretty standard for all controllers everywhere — but Logitech has chosen to forgo the GameCase's thumbsticks, presumably for more streamlined portability. Logitech's version does, however, appear to have bumper buttons.

iOS 7's MFi game controller support will also allow compatibility with a bluetooth-connected controller that can be held separately to the iDevice, probably for connecting to the iPad, which is a bit too large and heavy to hold in the same way that one holds an iPhone or iPod Touch.

CNET Australia contacted Logitech, but it would not confirm whether the controller image is real. However, a spokesperson said, "Logitech is excited to support Apple's new MFi game controller framework and looks forward to delivering a compelling gaming experience to iOS gamers later this year."