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Local News: Mac Bible chapter now on MacFixIt

Local News: Mac Bible chapter now on MacFixIt

As first announced here last month, Peachpit Press has generously allowed me to post the entire contents of the chapter of the Macintosh Bible that I edited (Chapter 7: Preventing and Solving Problems). It is now finally online! (I will be making some minor tweaks in the days ahead, such as adding more internal links to cross-referenced material.)

It is my hope that this will serve as a useful resource for all MacFixIt readers, but especially for those that want more background on troubleshooting basics.

I will maintain a link to the Chapter at the top of this page, at least for awhile. It is also listed on the MacFixIt Reports page.

I took the opportunity of this posting to do some house-cleaning of the MacFixIt Reports section. In particular, I deleted all of the Chapter and Fix-It pages that made up the Sad Macs Online Update (the complete text is still available in the Download Library). All that now remains is a collection of items that I considered to be the most generally relevant - called Sad Macs Update Highlights. I made a few other changes, including creating a new page on Troubleshooting Type 11 and Related System Errors (based on an item from Chapter 4 of the Online Update).

These changes are in anticipation of the forthcoming release of the third edition of Sad Macs. I will have an official announcement about this in about a week.