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Little things to Buzz about: Yahoo tweaks social-news service

Widgets and RSS feeds are among the minor additions to the Yahoo Buzz beta.

This post was updated at 11:18 AM PT to correct the date of the announcement.

Yahoo announced Thursday that it has made some minor upgrades to Buzz, the social news service that it launched in February.

Most notably, the company has released a "Top Buzz" widget that site and blog owners can embed in their Web sites, displaying the top articles in Yahoo Buzz or those from a specific Buzz category. There are also now RSS feeds for stories submitted to Buzz as well as each of its categories, and "First Buzzed By" indicators much like the "Submitted By" taglines on competitor Digg.

Yahoo Buzz remains in a beta test phase, but the company says it's growing fast despite major congestion in the social news and meme-tracking market. New publishers continue to roll into the program, and Yahoo has a perk that even Digg can't offer: placement on the Yahoo front page for heavily "buzzed" stories. That'll get you a lot of eyes.