Lisa Snowdon: "Apple makes the best products ever"

Watch our video interview with Lisa Snowdon, where the model and TV star confides her geeky vices and earliest tech memories.

We spend most of our time at CNET UK locked in a dingy tech dungeon prodding and poking bits of gadgetry, so we got a bit blinky and shy this week when we were allowed out of the office and into the big wide world -- well, the Jemca Car Group Lexus showroom in Edgware Road, London -- to interview a real life celeb for the above video.

This was no champagne-quaffing, schmoozy showbiz jolly though. We were on a mission -- a mission to test out a theory we've long harboured: that there's a hidden nerd in all of us, even the cool and famous.

Lisa Snowdon, our first victim subject in this Celebrity Geek experiment, may well be a supermodel with shiny hair and a fancy wardrobe and a bunch of TV credits to her name, but as the saying goes, there's no style without substance -- and by substance we mean a passion for technology.

As you can see in the video, despite being initially coy, Lisa needs only a little coaxing to cast aside her inhibitions and start gushing about her "separation anxieties" induced by being away from her iPhone.

The TV star also gets nostalgic over playing Frogger with her grandad and destroying her family at Street Fighter II -- but what we really want to know is will Lisa embrace her inner geek? Hit play to find out.

Which sleb do you suspect of being a secret nerd? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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