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Lipstick pepper spray for self-defense

This lipstick is designed to withstand even the most compromising circumstances--it's bold, sassy and certainly won't feather or flake when you need it most. It's actually a half ounce can of pepper spray marketed directly toward women in search of some cleverly disguised protection.

And while it may not brighten your smile with a splash of cocoa rose or raspberry sparkle, it'll render your attacker helpless, which is sure to work wonders for your disposition, not to mention rid your face of those bothersome worry lines.

Lipstick Pepper Spray
Credit: TBO-Tech

We found this chic little gadget at TBO-Tech Self Defense Products. Simply remove the cap from the Lipstick Pepper Spray and aim it straight at the face of the antagonist. The spray shoots distances of 6 to 10 feet and also works as a UV dye to help in identification purposes, according to Pepper Spray Inc.

Each little tube of protection contains roughly six one-second bursts of 10 percent OC, the active ingredient in pepper gas that's derived from the hottest part of the habanero pepper, according to Private Investigator Network. The non-lethal, inflammatory agent works by forcing the eyes shut and inflaming the respiratory tissues, causing choking and gagging.

The effects wear off in about 40 minutes.

The shiny metal tubes are available in five fashionable colors: red, silver, pink, blue and black. They cost anywhere from $9.97 to $19.95 and can be ordered online.

At just 3 inches long, the "lipstick" can be carried in a purse or make-up bag, but is small enough to stash in your pocket.

After all, nothing's more "in" than self-defense.