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Linux and the Mac set to announce wedding vows on the server?

Linux + Mac OS X together on the server? Why not?

The Var Guy must have friends at Parallels. He's reporting on his blog that Parallels and Apple are shortly to announce that Parallels is set to announce Parallels Server for Mac, Windows, and Linux:

The current Parallels software has been a wildly popular option for running Mac OS X and Windows on Apple desktops and laptops. In fact, Parallels for the Mac surpassed 650,000 licenses sold in September.

Now Parallels is setting its sights on the server. Sources close to the company say Parallels Server for Mac, Windows and Linux will initially target departmental systems. That could be particularly good news for universities, which often run open source software on their Mac servers.

Parallels, despite the hype, has not proved to be much of a boon for me, personally. I find it cumbersome and sluggish, though for the one program I still need on Windows (a genealogy program) it's not bad. Still, this is good news for those who require Linux and Mac servers to run together. I imagine this market is still small, but this is a welcome addition for them.