LG unveils the LG Cookie KP500: Keeps veiled all useful info

LG has announced the launch of its latest touchscreen handset, and apparently it's going to have an extremely low price tag. Can't afford the Renoir? This could be for you

If the LG Renoir phone excited you with its features but put you off with its price, LG has undone the trousers on its latest touch-sensitive offering, and apparently it's got a much more affordable price tag. It's the LG Cookie KP500 handset -- LG says it's really affordable, but won't tell anyone its price.

No worries, we'll have a look at specifications from the press release LG sent out and make our own predictions. Except we can't, because LG isn't releasing specifications either. Way to get people excited about your phone, guys.

What we do know, however, is that this is a fully touch-controlled quad-band handset, with a 76mm (3-inch) display, featuring a full on-screen Qwerty keyboard and handwriting recognition.

You'll also be able to edit your own photos right on the handset! Smashing, now if only LG would tell us how you're supposed to take the photos in the first place. We're guessing it'll have a 3-megapixel camera, so as to retain the unreleased low price point and not compete with more costly models.

That's about it, folks. That's all we know and all we could pester LG to tell us. Rest assured you'll get the full scoop when the phone's released later this month, including such popular details as price, specifications and -- here's hoping -- features!

Honestly, we despair. It makes us wonder if LG could organise a nun shoot in a convent. -Nate Lanxon

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