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LG Lucid Review: A device with a lot of glossy goodness

With its snappy processor and a solid display, this midrange Android phone is a solid buy.

The two main things I have against the LG Lucid is that it has subpar call quality, and it glitters in sunlight. Kind of like how vampires do, circa 2005-2008.

The sparkling isn't actually that noticeable. In addition to that, it's only limited to the back of the phone, which has a subtle dark purple and black-striped design. This aesthetic might not be for everybody, however.

As for the call quality, there's no way to get around that. Voices sounded muffled and harshly tinny, but calls were always steady and didn't cut in and out.

Despite it being shipped with Android Gingerbread (it is upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich, but it would have been better, of course, if it natively came with ICS), I liked this handset.

If you buy it off of Verizon's Web site and sign a two-year contract, it'll set you back a reasonable $79.99. With that money, you get a 4G LTE network, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, a vibrant 4-inch screen that's responsive and zippy, and a decent camera.

It's a smart buy if you're shopping for your first Android smartphone, but be warned: It's considered "midrange," but with these specs, you might feel a little spoiled.