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Lego robotic hand gives us the creeps

Is there anything you're not supposed to build with Lego? Body parts, perhaps? One Polish aficionado dares to go beyond with a Frankenstein-like Lego hand.

The Lego robot revolution is unstoppable. From Mindstorms development kits to puzzle-solving machines, the blocks seem to be going where no toy has gone before. Now a Polish tinkerer has thrown down the gauntlet, as it were, by building a robot hand out of Lego.

Polish Web designer Paul Ian Kmiec loves tinkering with Lego Technic kits (he even blogs for the brand).

Not content with building tanks and excavators out of plastic bricks, he has created a motorized human arm entirely of Lego parts.

Kmiec describes the electric/pneumatic arm as something he built over a weekend. It has four remote-controlled motors, four fingers with two joints each, and a thumb that can be raised and lowered. It's not quite fully articulated, but the wrist rotates.

An electric air compressor fills an air tank at up to 20 psi to power the pneumatic system. This allows the hand to grasp objects like the plastic heart seen in the video.

The index finger is controlled separately. "Because when my army of Brickminators is destroying humans, they should be able to point [out] their next victim," Kmiec writes.

Presumably he's joking.

(Via CrunchGear)