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LED pen can let everyone know your mood

Depending on the day, its 20-character limit should be more than enough.


From its weird name to bizarre product lineup, we've always been fascinated by Hong Kong-based Brando. It has, after all, been single-handedly responsible for giving us everything from lip phones and mosquito repellants to mouse massagers and aromatherapy speakers.

But every once in a long while, it comes up with something we'd actually consider buying. And this is one of the exceptions: an LED message pen. We have no idea why--it's not as if we need one to advertise our business or anything, though it would be pretty nifty to have one that lit up with "Crave."

Maybe it's just the notion that we could change our personal message at will, kind of like an LED mood ring, to let everyone around us know if they should keep their distance. The message is limited to 20 characters but, if it's a particularly bad day, that should be more than enough.