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Leaked specs confirm dual-core CPU for Verizon's Galaxy S III

As expected, the U.S. versions of the Galaxy S III will have a dual-core chipset.

Samsung Galaxy S III invitation
Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S III in London on May 3. Samsung

A leaked user agent profile has seemingly confirmed rumors that at least one U.S. version of the expected Galaxy S III will feature a dual-core processor.

According to details picked up by Pocketnow, Verizon's model (SCH-i535) will include the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset. Much like HTC has done with the One X on AT&T, the smartphone will forgo the quad-core CPU in order to integrate 4G LTE support.

Though some users may cry foul at the switch, I suggest waiting before complaining. Considering how positive the initial reviews are for the HTC One X, I suspect most people will be perfectly happy with the performance of their Galaxy S III.

The user agent profile is light on additional details, but it does reference a 1,280x720-pixel resolution for the display. With rumors of a 4.6-inch to 4.8-inch screen, it's assumed that the Galaxy S III will offer a Super HD AMOLED display.

If history is any indicator then we should expect other U.S. models of the Galaxy S III to offer similar specifications. Here's hoping that Samsung is ready to announce our localized versions tomorrow. Could you take another four to six months of consistently inconsistent rumors? I can't.

Whatever happens, CNET will be reporting live from tomorrow's event in London, so be sure to check back for a full report.

Verizon's SCH-I535 should be a Galaxy S III model. Pocketnow