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Kickstarter coming to UK, brace for bonkers Brit projects

Kickstarter, the website that lets people beg for cash for crazy projects, is bound for the UK.

Kickstarter, the website that lets people beg the public for money to fund bonkers projects, is coming to the UK this autumn.

Bracing for a bevy of weird British business ideas and inventions, Kickstarter took to Twitter to confirm the good news. "People in the UK will be able to launch projects on Kickstarter starting this autumn," the crowd-funding site said, promising "more info soon" and finishing with three adorable '<3' hearts.

The site lets ordinary web-cruisers become backers for unusual efforts, with different levels of rewards based on how much money you choose to throw at the people running the project. It's a bit like Dragons' Den, but with the whole Internet instead of five over-tanned boot-faced rich people, and a nice t-shirt instead of a cut of the profits.

UK entrepreneurs can already start Kickstarter projects -- check out this British comic book funding effort, for example, or this London-based film effort to compile moments from the upcoming Olympics. The site uses Amazon payments however, which -- the BBC reports -- requires a US bank account to be paid by the site.

Currently UK projects have to set up a US company or joining sides with one, but the upcoming UK launch is sure to eliminate the need for that workaround. Hopefully the option to measure funding in Her Imperial Majesty's tea-soaked British pounds, rather than Yankeedoodledollars, is also incoming.

The most famous Kickstarter project is probably the extremely cool Pebble E-Ink watch, which raised more than $10m (£6.4m). I asked the CNET UK team if they have any ideas for projects -- Katie revealed her dreams of a vast Middle Earth-themed holiday park where visitors could enact the struggles of Frodo and Sam taking the One Ring to Mordor. Apparently it's "like an extreme assault course with a plot".

Sounds brilliant. Andy, meanwhile, wants formal wear for cats (presumably so they have something to wear to the spring cat-illion), and I want a new rain-evasion gadget to replace umbrellas -- perhaps a small upside-down jet engine on a pole.

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