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Joby releases flexible SLR tripod

Joby has finally released an SLR version of its Gorillapod.

As with the original Gorillapod, the Gorillapod SLR is a flexible portable tripod, consisting of a mount connected to three "legs" of flexible ball-and-socket joints. Because of the rubber grips around each ball, the tripod can be wrapped around virtually any object. Rubber feet also allow positioning on uneven or slick surfaces.

The Gorillapod SLR can support a digital SLR or compact video camera of up to 2.5 pounds. The camera attaches to the tripod via a 1/4-20 screw mount. The mount can then be left attached to the camera, for quicker locking and unlocking onto the tripod legs.

While Joby seems to be marketing the Gorillapod to outdoor photography enthusiasts, the gizmo may be more appealing to those shooting in low-light conditions, where any camera shaking by the user is an issue.

The Gorillapod was showcased at both CES 2006 and PMA 2006, but originally accommodated only compact cameras. In order to promote environmentalism, the San Francisco-based company offers a package-free version of the Gorillapod for $21.95 and a plastic-packed version for $24.95. The new Gorillapod SLR, priced at $49.95, comes in an unpackaged version only.