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Job hunting a little easier in tech sector

The good news keeps coming for technology workers. A study due to be released this week has found Silicon Valley added jobs in 2005, the first increase in four years.

The valley's job market grew by 2,000 positions, or 0.2 percent, according to the Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network, an economic development group.

This news comes less than two weeks after MBA candidates from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in interviews with CNET, offered anecdotal evidence that hiring among Bay area tech firms was heating up.

Hiring in the technology sector had declined since the dot com crash began in 2000.

Other surveys have reported job growth in the tech sector. Last month, California's Employment Development Department reported that hiring in Silicon Valley for November was up 2.4 percent from a year earlier in the department's "Information" category. This includes Web search engines, telecommunications, software publishers and data processing companies.

The report by Joint Venture, a nonprofit group, found that most of the new jobs were in consumer electronics and software.