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Java, ActiveX to work together on Macs

Microsoft and Metrowerks cut a deal that will allow Java applets and ActiveX controls to work together on the Macintosh.

Microsoft and Metrowerks today cut a deal that will allow Java applets and ActiveX Controls to work together on the Macintosh.

As Sun Microsystems' Java programming language has gained popularity, Microsoft has promoted ActiveX components as a more familiar, versatile framework for creating Internet applications than Java. At the same time, Microsoft has maintained that ActiveX and Java applets can cooperate with each other, performing different but related tasks that are better suited to each development environment.

One of the leading suppliers of Mac development tools, Metrowerks will ensure that users of CodeWarrior, its Mac Java tool, will be able to create ActiveX Controls as well.

Microsoft also said today that it will use CodeWarrior to develop future versions of Internet Explorer for the Mac and that IE 3.0, due this year, will include Metrowerks' Java Virtual Machine for improving the performance of Java applets.