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Jabra's BT8040 headset does double duty with A2DP

Jabra's BT8040 headset does double duty with A2DP

Jabra BT8040
Jabra BT8040 Jabra

The Jabra BT8040 may not look like much when compared with the much fancier JX20 Pura, but it holds its own with powerful features and performance. It is Jabra's first standalone headset that can handle both phone calls and streaming audio. That's right, even though the BT8040 is a mono headset on the outside, it actually supports A2DP, meaning it can stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth without the need for an additional earbud like the Jabra BT8010. The BT8040 is able to pair up to two different devices simultaneously, and if there's an incoming call on a paired cell phone, it can pause the streaming music from a paired MP3 player. It comes with the same digital noise reduction as the JX20, plus it has acoustic shock protection to protect the eardrum from sudden loud volume. It has as much as six hours of rated talk time. The headset is available through Best Buy for $79.99.