iTunes Match US-only, in UK 'before end of year'

iTunes Match, Apple's music-streaming service, is set to make the journey to the UK before the end of the year if Apple is true to its word.

Speaking at today's iPhone launch, Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of Internet software and services, explained that iTunes Match may spread its wings outside of the US before the end of this year.

Do you remember iTunes Match? It's the service Apple unveiled as part of iOS 5 earlier this year. It lets you store your music in the cloud rather than have it take up all of your precious storage space on your phone. You'll need to splash out $25 (about £15) for a year's subscription, which will let you upload 25,000 songs to Apple's magical, mystical hard drive in the sky.

iTunes Match has so far been a US-only service, but Eddy Cue, or 'Cue Ball' as we like to call him, explained: "We are working very hard to add additional countries before the end of the year." Promising stuff indeed.

The service allows you to scan all the MP3s in your music library to be synced with copies on Apple's servers -- including any files you may have acquired by, let's say, shady means.

Such a service may not go down at all well with the big, bad music suits, who will no doubt want to see a little more money back in their pockets.

We hope that Cue Ball is true to his word and brings the service over to good old Blighty, but, in the meantime, we at least can settle back and savour the music soup on offer on Spotify.