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Is Microsoft preparing a Zune update?

Photos posted to Zunerama show what are claimed to be flash animation and new "videos" and "listeners" tabs.

UPDATE (12:35 p.m. on 5-03-08): To include reference to possible ties to Zune VideoX.

A reader of a site dedicated to Zune news has posted photos of what are claimed to be new features at Zune's Marketplace, including flash animation and a new video section.

The photos were posted at and are said to be of flash animation and two new tabs. One of the tabs is called "video" and the other is "listeners."

Speculation on the site is that Microsoft is possibly preparing to update Marketplace and is testing some new features.

A Microsoft spokesman said that the company's policy is not to comment on speculation. He added that Microsoft has not announced any upcoming changes at Marketplace.

The person who posted the photos questioned whether the "listeners" tab may be some kind of social-networking feature. If you have any information, we'd love to know.

UPDATE: Mary Jo Foley over at ZDNet e-mailed me and said she wonders if the photos found on Zunerama are tied to "the coming-out party for Zune VideoX" she has written about lately. Foley has a source who told her that Zune VideoX is "a Video store that bridges Xbox, Windows, Zune and Pink."

According to Foley's source, Microsoft wants to play it up it's video, which it sees as better than iTunes' offer. Go here to read more.