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iPod Nano: Why scratch and sniffle?

Discussion boards have been buzzing for weeks now about the iPod Nano and its screen some say is too prone to scratching.

Credit: Proporta

An Apple official this week refuted such claims, saying that the Nano is no more prone to scratching than other iPods and is made with the same polycarbonate plastic as the fourth-generation iPod. He went on to suggest consumers use one of the growing number of Nano cases on the market to protect their devices.

However, Apple's own Nano case, which online takes an estimated four to six weeks to ship, doesn't cover the screen itself. And other manufacturers have needed time to bring Nano cases to market.

Instead of crying, however, (and assuming it's not to late) Nano owners might consider other screen protection solutions already for sale by some quick, if not lucky vendors.

Proporta, for example, is offering its "Advanced Wash-and-Replace" screen protector at half off the regular price of $9.95 until Oct. 24. The screens are made of a high-clarity plastic and come with a screen cleaning cloth and an application card. The first 25 people to place an order and enter the promotion code, "NANOPROTECTED" will get a free screen protector with free shipping to most countries.

Or take the advice of an Apple aficionado featured on BetaNews. Todd Dailey used his Nano as a guinea pig to test out different scratch-removal techniques. His winner is a $4 bottle of Brasso polish.