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iPod inspires the 'iPad'

Building project in Dubai, dubbed the "iPad," takes its inspiration from Apple's ubiquitous media player.

The "iPad." It brings to mind the home of an urban hipster/tech geek whose plasma TV, DVR, laptop, et al--along with the lighting scheme in his loft--can all be controlled by a single click wheel.

If only it were so.

So, what is the "iPad"? Think big. No, bigger. The "iPad," inspired by Apple's ubiquitous media player, is a skyscraper. Or rather, a building project in Dubai, according to a report in Wednesday's Guardian.

Scheduled to open in 2009, the 23-story tower "will be perched on top of a docking station, and will ape the iPod by sitting at an angle of six degrees," reports the Guardian.

James Law Cybertecture, an architecture firm based in Hong Kong, is designing the project, while Omniyat Properties is the developer behind it. The tower will reportedly include more than 200 homes and offices.