iPhone spurned as you vote for five best phones

We take you through the top five most popular mobile phones on CNET UK, as voted for by you, in this week's episode of What You're Craving.


There's been a whole raft of new phones out this year, some of which you loved and some of which made you so angry, you took to our comments and mashed your keyboards in rage.

In this video we're taking a look through the five most popular phones this week on CNET UK, as measured by the number of clicks on the 'I want it' and 'I've got it' buttons on our reviews.

5. Samsung Galaxy Ace -- The Galaxy Ace is clearly taking style tips from its more expensive cousin, the Galaxy S2, but it cuts back on performance and screen resolution, making it a much more affordable option.

4. Samsung Galaxy Nexus -- We were massively excited about the Galaxy Nexus, with its awesome screen and cutting-edge Android 4.0 software. Sadly, a volume bug meant that we had to score it down, which caused something of an outcry from you guys -- but really, wouldn't it have been worse if we'd told you to buy something that didn't work? Either way, it's been fixed now, so the Nexus can go back to being a lovely bit of kit.

3. Samsung Galaxy S2 -- That's right, it's all Galaxy, all the time. The Galaxy S2 has been one of the most popular products on the site since its launch earlier this year, thanks to its big bright screen, powerful processor and great camera. It's undoubtedly going to remain a popular choice into the new year -- especially as we just named it our best phone of 2011.

2. Nokia Lumia 800 -- So it's not all Galaxy, just mostly. The Lumia 800 may well have been Nokia's final attempt to claw back some fans after falling so far behind, so thankfully, it's a very good attempt. We're big fans of this curved chap and its Windows Phone operating system -- so keen in fact, it caused our very own Rich Trenholm to switch over.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note -- That's right, another Galaxy. What is it with you guys and galaxies? We're not convinced this thing really is a phone -- mostly because its 5.3-inch screen makes it absolutely massive. Still, we're assured it still qualifies as one, and its huge popularity on the site this week has made it reach the number one spot.

So there we have the top five phones on the site, as voted for by you. Notice anything missing? This the first time an iPhone hasn't even made it to the top five. Come on Apple, step up your game!

Make sure to check back next time for more of the most popular tech.

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