iPhone song guy's album hits today

iPhone song guy's album hits today

Orba Squara's 'Sunshyness'

Remember that plinky yet catchy song from the iPhone commercials? The one that played as a giant finger was tapping, swiping and typing on the iPhone's screen? You've probably already guessed it wasn't just a piece of canned stock music. As in pretty much every other iPod-related TV commercial, it was a track from a real band, although not one as (arguably) high-profile as Feist or The Bird and the Bee.

The iPhone song is called "Perfect Timing (This Morning)," and it's from Orba Squara, the nom de band of multi-instrumentalist Mitch Davis. Orba Squara's full-length album Sunshyness debuts today.

Naturally, the new album is available on iTunes, and the band has a MySpace page, as any self-respecting modern musical act should. Davis is currently rehearsing with a full band for an upcoming fall tour, and another of his tracks has been licensed for the upcoming film Wedding Daze, starring Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher.

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