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iPhone Light spotted in red, green and yellow in leak photos

The hotly tipped next iPhone has been spotted in apple-hued green, red or yellow if new leaked photos are to be believed.

The hotly tipped next iPhone could come in an apple-hued green, as new leaked photos reveal a cheaper, more colourful Apple smart phone.

French technology site NoWhereElse shows off photos of the exterior purporting to be the rumoured cheaper iPhone Light, in a fetching green, as well as red and yellow.

The plastic body casing appears in red, yellow and green that are most apple-coloured but most un-Apple: if this is the heavily rumoured cheaper iPhone, it's the first time Apple has offered a mobile in any colour other than black or white. It's also the first time Apple has unveiled two different new iPhones at the same time.

Previous leaks show the cheaper phone in blueprint form, revealing the alleged iPhone Light name and altered exterior. The two phones are roughly the same size, but the cheaper iPhone Light is slightly bulkier with a flat plastic rear and curved edges.

According to leaks, the full-fat iPhone 5S will appear physically unchanged from the current model, built from metal and glass, with a flat back but no curves.

Under the exterior, the new iPhone is also rumoured to have a beefed-up battery.

The new iPhone 5S and iPhone Light are expected later this year, complete with Apple's new iOS 7 software on board.

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