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iPhone apps gateway to full-strength software?

Photographic-accessory manufacturer Tiffen updates its iPhone app, Photo fx, which is a simplified version of its full-strength Dfx.

With Friday's announcement of an update to Tiffen's popular photo app for the iPhone/iPod Touch, Photo fx, I started wondering how many people use a developer's iPhone app, eventually pick up the full-size software package? (If one exists that is.)

For example, Tiffen's little $2.99 app (or free for those who currently own the last version) now features "the ability to apply multiple filters without saving, image cropping in portrait or landscape mode, option to save camera images separately at full resolution, filters with presets, display all presets when filter is selected, maximum output resolution via options screen, and integrated Help menu." That's in addition to its 26 filters and effects and other options.

But this app is basically a simplified version of the photographic-accessory manufacturer's $99.95 Dfx digital filter software for Mac or Windows computers.

And I'm sure this is just one of many iPhone apps that are just barebones, stripped-down versions of computer software.

So if there are any software developers reading this, I'd love to hear if there's been any uptick in your computer software sales since launching an iPhone app. Or if you're a consumer who bought an iPhone app and ended up buying a full-strength version for a desktop or laptop, please let me know in the comments.

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